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Head Icon :D
choose what u want like shadings , effects , expressions , poses , etc

I will NOT draw unsuitable things

give a picture of what u want meh to drawww

friends will have one free icon~
Shadow commission
idk how to call it 
u can decide wat u want
but plz tell meh the colors of ur oc and ur oc too

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Callie's Reference sheet
dis is meh new OC 

I just want to make one bc of meh future planning and cuz I want to be able to draw more things like those kind of shiets

anyway dis is Callie , welp obvious I use that name bc KatIE , MaddIE , DokIE and CallIE  cuz I want to keep the tradition 

BTW, this is not her only outfit , she has more but this is the one she wears the most
this is fanart for StrawberryMio 

she is an artist I have found

shes an amazing artist 

go check her out 

shes only been here a month so show sum support to her 
Shipping Week #3-Gency-
I luv it
this is the ship for mercy and genji in overwatch :D

u can tell I'm lazy on dis ~~~
I got accepted into a good English skool but idk if I should go or nottttt

theres a good side and a bad side as well  

the good side is :
1.I can learn englishhhhhhhhh
2. I can get out of this school that I'm studying (its a bad school , I really hate it)
3.I can cheer meh cousin bc hes studying there all alone ( he want meh to go to his school bc his bro , meh and meh bro are studying in the same skool)
4.The skool is much better than dis skool
5.I can get two degree 
the bad side :
1. I cant see meh BFFs that often , I'm still living near them tho but I'm kinda lazy to go to their homes
2. Have the chance to ruined this friendship of mine and meh BFFs
3. I have to leave meh very rare class that I might never have ever again
4. This school costs a lot of money 
5.I hev to meet new people and I doubt that I can find someone who understand and know meh as well as Maddie


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